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Women's panty has evolved its template to a more style-oriented appeal while keeping the comfort intact. The very existence of a panty is to provide a hygiene covering so it can't come as an added feature. The panties are worn to cover the crotch area, and you’ve got to be cautious with the fabric choice. Sourcingwala believes comfort is the core aspect of a panty and keeping that in mind, our designers bring to you a range of panty fits varying from hipsters, bikinis, thongs, boyshorts and more. With the innumerable styles, designs, patterns and prints you are likely to be spoilt for choices that Sourcingwala gives you for women’s panties.

Today panties are not just worn for comfort and hygiene, many new aspects have been added to the need list of women’s panties. Now panties have many new features to offer such as results like shapewear, period panties to avoid staining, activity panties for various activities and last but not least sexy panties to feel like a diva.

How To Measure Panty Size?

You need to know two things, hip size & waist size. Here are a few simple steps to help you determine your perfect panty size –

Step 1: Determine Hip Size
Take a measuring tape and wrap it around the fullest part of your hip, it should be a snug fit but not tight. Note down the number you got.

Step 2: Measure your waist
Bend at the sides, the area where your body indents are your natural waist. Wrap a measuring tape around your waist – snug, but not tight. Measure around 5cm below the natural waist where the waistband of the trousers normally sits on the body- this is your waist measurement.

You need to know two things, hip size & waist size. Here are a few simple steps to help you determine your perfect panty size

Now note the numbers and find your fit using Sourcingwala’s Panty Size Chart. If you fall between two sizes consider the larger size.

Let’s get you acquainted with several styles of women’s underwear available online at Sourcingwala that’ll suffice your needs:

Types of Ladies Panties / Underwear

Before shopping for panties, it is important to understand the types of panties available:

1. Bikini Panties: Bikini panty is the style that immediately strikes our mind when we think about the gorgeous sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. Well, the good news is that you can wear these stylish women’s panties on an everyday basis too other than barely as beach wear.

Tip: Ideal for low-cut jeans or for women who want to flaunt their hourglass figure.

2. Thongs: Having no rear coverage with a triangular shaped front, thongs are also highly functional if you want to avoid visible panty lines under body-hugging outfits.

Tip: This panty style offers a very clean and smooth silhouette even under the tightest of outfits, boosting your overall confidence.

3. Hipster: Hipster is the most common underwear style of panties, thanks to its ability to fit all body types. Hipster panties provide decent coverage to the crotch and rear area, making them the best option for everyday wear.

Tip: If you have a slightly bulging tummy, you should opt for high waist hipster panties as they help to control the bulges, providing a flattering figure.

4. Boyshorts: These panty styles provide full coverage to the rear area which goes all the way down to the hips, keeping it modest yet sexy.

Tip: Not comfortable with wearing thongs under bodycon outfits? No problem! Try boyshorts instead. They are basically the female version of the boxers with an amazing fit.

5. Boylegs: They are very similar to boyshorts, but have longer leg openings than the former. You can wear them under your short dresses and skirts.

Tip: You can replace your boyleg with your cycling shorts. With longer leg openings and comfortable fabric, they make the perfect alternative to your conventional cycling shorts.

6. Seamless- This panty style is designed with laser cut-edges for a more seamless fit. Seamless panties provide decent rear coverage and are the best way to get rid of visible panty lines.

Tip: Now you can wear those fitted clothes with confidence because this style of panty will provide a no-show of panty lines and will emphasise your curves instead.

7. Maternity- This panty style was introduced for the comfort of pregnant ladies. It is designed with support panels that brilliantly perform the function of supporting the belly without any compression. The fabric is super soft & stretchy enough to expand in order to accommodate the growing belly.

Tip: All the new moms can now get their hands on panties that are best suited for their pregnancy days.

8. Panty Styles Based on Their Coverage:

Full Coverage: You can expect full rear coverage in panty styles like boyshorts & boyleg.
Medium Coverage: You can expect medium rear coverage in panty styles like hipster & bikini.
Low Coverage: You can expect no rear coverage in panty styles like thong & G-string.

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